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Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve natural environment for present and future generations

Our vision

Our vision is to have a clean,healthy and well protected environment supporting sustainable society and economy

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What we do

Ecogreen nature conservancy has four thematic areas:

  1. Tree planting
  2. Environmental conservation and awareness
  3. Green globe and healthy environment
  4. Waste and employment

Who we are

Ecogreen nature conservancy is a youth led non profit organization operating in Kenya that works to promote environment conservationin Siaya,Kisumu,Homabay, Migori andNarok counties.The NGO was founded in the year 2016 by Vitalish Okeyo who mobilised a group of University students to form a group so as to give back to the society.These youths were touched by the rate of degradation, deforestation, disappearances of major streams and the level of poverty in Nyanza in which Migori,Siaya,Kisumu,and Homabay counties falls with the major river sources from Narok county.

Their concern was the inability or lack of a major group who could stand up and implement reforestation and environmental conservation programs in this area which has only seen key leaders talk on their statistics and knowledge on the level of deforestation of Nyanza province and not to take any concrete action.Of great example is Gwassi hills in Suba Homabay county.The group undertook a study and realized that there was a connection between environment degradation and poverty in the society.

Consequently the group decided to start and NGO with programs which would ensure environmental conservation using tree planting as the entry point.This was projected to help store rain water,generate firewood, conserve biodiversity and help locals earn income.The major target areas for tree planting was on hills both customary and government owned,riparian areas, schools,hospitals,police stations,church areas and other spacious public places.This was to be accompanied by advocacy through education through chief barazar,churches,community based groups and schools.

Environmental conservation and advocacy

ENC, through primary and secondary schools,university ,chief's barazars,churches spearheads environment awareness and advocacy towards conservation of natural resources through reduced deforestation,forest encroachment and hunting of wild animals which may lead to extinction.

Green globe and healthy environment

Sustainable and green sources of energy is key to reduced global pollution and climate change.ENC strives to ensure a society with these qualities.It also ensures that the society is informed through education especially on sand mining which may lead to erosion of river banks and siltation of lakes hence death of fish.We have programs which ensure planting of bamboo along river where sand mining is taking place .This is aimed at reducing erosion.

Waste and employment

ENC advocates for recycling of wastes especially plastic bottles and polythene from manufacturing industries which can be used in raising tree seedlings .To encourage youths in this program , ENC undertakes tree seedlings production using these wastes and buy them from locals who collects them.ENC encourage youths to start tree nursery projects using these locally available materials and sell seedlings to the organization which is then used for reforestation programs

Tree planting

ENC uses Green initiative programs to help communities conserve biodiversity,undertake tree planing in customary land using slogans like "no naked hill shall survive contact with ecogreen nature conservancy" and green Nyanza initiatives.We use volunteers to assist in tree planting events.The NGO has also a 'gift tree birth day present' for every newborn which will help ensure that every child has ten trees planted in a year for his /her birthday day present.This will ensure that the future of the child is insured interms of natural tree resource utilization or to be sold so that the child get education and other needs.ENC engages with communities through CBOs,churches and schools to set up tree nurseries which are to act as source of income .This will enable members to plant trees at reduced subsidized cost of two shilling each hence encouraging massive afforestation.

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